About Christ In The Home

Hi, I am Jane and I write the Christ In The Home blog.

My aim is to help and encourage others to live Christ-centered lives, starting at home and spreading out into the world around them.

For many years I have been involved in sharing the Gospel with both adults and children.  I have had the honor of teaching prospective missionaries from around the world at various institutes, churches, seminars and conferences.  I have also, on numerous occasions, been invited to speak at conferences, schools and in congregations.

Over the years, I have also lead the Missions, Prayer and Children's ministries at our church.

I am also the author of If Tomorrow Never Comes, Is your child prepared for Eternity?

Because I know that the happiest and most fulfilled times in my life have been when I have consciously been seeking the Lord and attempting to live a Christ-filled life, I have a real passion for helping others do the same.

It is my hope that, through this site, I will be able to:

*  Help re-ignite your own desire for living a Christ-centered life, both in your 

    home and out in the world around you,

*  Equip you to share the Gospel with others, both adults and children,

*  And encourage you to become the change you would like to see in your

   home and out in the world.

I would love for you to join me in attempting to bring Christ back into our homes.

It starts with us!

If you would like to contact me, please do so at info@christinthehome.com

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